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Start converting but the .swf is at frame 1 and not moving...



Question1: I'm attempting to run the sample on the machine detailed below.  The conversion opens, shows the first frame, then does nothing. Please help!


Windows Server 2003 R2

Intel Pentium D CPU @3.00GHz

256 MB of RAM

50GB free space





Question2: Hello again,


I hope you guys don′t hate me too much :-)


Everything runs smooth on my local machine, now I try to run it on our W2k8 Web server. When execution the sample, the preview windows appears and the StatusBar says: "Start converting...". After a second the StatusBar ist changing to:"Converting: 0% ... Captured/Consumed: 0/0 seconds" (see screenshot) The process is running with 25% CPU load (1/4 CPUs) but nothing more happens. The .swf is at frame 1 and not moving.


Do you have any ideas on that? Maybe some security settings?


Thanks for your help




Answer:  It appears the problem is caused by not having a sound card installed on your computer.